The Hidden Secrets of Epidemics & Evolution

From disease-causing bugs to humankind itself, evolution is the steamtrain of life! Uncovering the secrets behind how bacteria and humans have evolved enables scientists to improve our day to day lives. Join us as we explore the early human art scene, learn how diseases can spread through a population, and find out how evolution takes place

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Olivo Miotto (MORU)

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FabCafe Bangkok
77/1 Soi Ari 1, 10400 Bangkok, Thailand
TUESDAY 16th MAY 2017

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Elephants: The unseen cave paintings of Southeast Asia

Noel Hidalgo Tan (SEAMEO SPAFA)


Step into the world of rock art - filled with carvings of gods, cave paintings and reminders of humankind's long interaction with the landscape. Like the landscapes of Australia and South Africa, Southeast Asia is home to hundreds of rock art sites even as most of them are unknown or inaccessible. What have archaeologists learned about the past through these ancient images?!

Time Machines and the Modelling Game

Wirichada Pan-ngum (Pongtavornpinyo) and Lisa White (MORU)


Imagine there’s disease outbreak coming and you could play out every scenario before it happens. Understand how a disease epidemic occurs and spreads. Think about how to control or prevent it. You can do it with a balls and hoops game you can play yourselves.

Evolution Director


Narupat Hongdilokkul (Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University)

Life is merely a complex chemical system that tries to sustain itself. The ability to sufficiently convert chemical compounds to the others is a foundation of life. Enzymes are molecular machineries that enable these chemical conversions in all living systems. The sophisticated mechanisms of enzymes are the product of millions of years of evolution. We can accelerate and direct this process in laboratories to tailor the properties of enzymes. I will discuss how we can harness the power of evolution to engineer enzymes with unprecedented activities.

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