Tackling Diseases of the Past and Present

From the early pharaohs to modern day Bangkok, diseases have been a relentless scourge to human life. On our final evening you will gain an exclusive insight of how modern science is eliminating diseases by breaking with old habits, preventing parasite sex and personalise cancer treatment.

Hosted by:

Matt Robinson (Molecular Microbiologist, LOMWRU)

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Precision Medicine in Cancer: How to make your gene talk

Jittiporn Chaisaingmongkol (Researcher, Chulaborn Research Institute)

In 2015 President Obama announced the start of the Precision Medicine Initiative. Since then “Precision Medicine” has become a buzz word in many science and pop-science articles alike. What ‘precisely’ is precision medicine? And how can we use this knowledge in curing cancer?

Leprosy: Discovered by a Norwegian, still causing problems today

Bipin Adhikari (D.Phil Student, MORU)

Leprosy is a chronic disabling condition caused by a bacteria called Mycobacterium leprae. Leprosy has been seen as a symbol of stigmatization across various cultures. The commonality amongst all culture is the stigma associated with the leprosy.

The sex lives of malaria parasites

Andrea Ruecker (Post Doc, MORU)

Half the world’s population lives at constant risk of becoming sick with malaria, yet the only route to infection is the bite of a mosquito. Why is the malaria parasite so successful?

Together we will explore the sex life of male and female malaria parasites and understand what makes the biology of their sexual reproduction so effective.

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