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Pint of Science Shots

Interested in science and looking for a fun night out?

Unhappy that you missed Pint of Science 2017?

Then join us for a one-night-only special: Pint of Science Shots!

Three world-class researchers will be guiding you through the world of science on this fun and exciting evening.

Talks will be a mixture of Thai and English language.

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Thursday 1st February 2018

How does travel impact infection?

Ipsita Sinha (MORU)

We live in a mobile world! Every day millions of people move between places taking disease bugs from one place to another or even between countries or continents. Join us to explore how daily travel influences the spread of infection.

You are what you eat

Thanik Lertcharnrit (Department of Archeology, Silpakorn University)

It is taken for granted that ancient people relied primarily on local food sources. Also, it is hypothesized that in hierarchical societies, people of different social status might have access to differentiated diets; higher ranking persons would have been able to afford more exotic, non-local, prestige foods than common or lower-class populations. In this talk, I will illuminate how analysing stable isotopes helps prove those assumptions.


Sir Nick White (MORU, University of Oxford)

How many microorganisms are in you, your infection and the world? We will equip you with a knowledge toolbox of how tiny unseen germs are the steam train of life.

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