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Interested in science and looking for a fun night out?

Unhappy that you missed Pint of Science 2019?

Then join us for a one-night-only special: Pint of Science Shots!

Three great researchers will be guiding you through the world of science on this fun and exciting evening at WeLearn, Bangkok!

Talks will be in English language.

Pint of Science Shots

John Snow's Ghost Map and Epidemiology

Viriya Hantrakun (MORU)

What we would do if 500 people in Bangkok drops dead of an unknown disease in 10 days? Such terrifying infection outbreak struck London 165 years ago and so did the remarkable public health investigation done by a father of epidemiology; Dr John Snow  (not from “Jon Snow of Winterfell”).

We will take a trip down memory lane in 1854 to see how John Snow stopped the outbreak and also have a glimpse into “Epidemiology”, a field in public health research.


Living with drones

Mahisorn Wongphati (HiveGround Co-Founder)

Commercial drone market size could hit $5bn in 2025 with an unpredictable number of drones flying above us. What does Bangkok need to become one fo the future global drone use hub?  Join us to find about current regulations in Thailand, important infrastructure, needed technologies and business activities, and related safety issues that will allow Bangkok to become one of the drone enabled cities.

Black Drone

Man's greatest foe: mosquitoes and the rise of the arboviruses

Katie Anderson (University of Minnesota)

In recent decades, the globe has experienced repeated waves of mosquito-borne disease epidemics. These disease epidemics are becoming are more common and more widespread, yet our tools to predict and mitigate them remain limited. In this presentation, we will review the factors underlying the recent emergence of several arboviruses and future possibilities for prevention

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