Meet the Pint of ScienceThailand team!

Matt Robinson

Thailand Director

I am a Molecular Microbiologist based in Lao PDR and specialise in tropical diseases. I am so excited to be part of the team to introduce Pint of Science to Thailand and Asia!

Phaik Yeong Cheah

Thailand Co-Director

I am the Head of Bioethics & Engagement at MORU and an Associate Professor at Oxford University. I am passionate about bringing science to public spaces.

Rita Chanviriyavuth

Event Manager

I am based in the Dept. of Bioethics & Public Engagement. 
I am passionate about travelling, meeting new people and learning different cultures.  Science is a whole new world to me and it makes me feel enthusiastic to be part of a team to bring people who are interested in science together.

Andrea Ruecker

Scientific Content Manager

I am a malaria researcher based at MORU in Bangkok. In the day, I am interfering with the sex lives of malaria parasites. In the night, music and malaria chat are my passion. I cannot wait to be part of the first ever Pint of Science in Asia!

Noel Hidalgo Tan

Assistant Event Manager

I am the Senior Specialist in Archaeology at the SEAMEO Regional Centre for Archaeology and Fine Arts. When I'm not in a hole or some cave, I am sometimes taking photos of dogs and cats in Bangkok.

Natinee Kulpijit

Social Media Manager

I am a senior PR and Communication manager based in Bangkok at MORU. I used to work with many corporations and organizations in Thailand to promote science to public. Pint of Science Thailand is another event that will bring closer the scientists with general public.

Nattapat Jatupornpimol

Assistant Event Manager

Nattapat Jatupornpimol is a social scientist at the Department of Bioethics and Engagement, MORU.

Supa-at Asarath

Assistant Event Manager

I am a research assistant from Bioethics and Public Engagement Department. Really passionate about cuisine arts, music, and sustainable development. I see science as one of the key elements to widen the horizon of human into both past and future.

Pint of ScienceThailand Chiang Rai team!

Tri Wangrangsimakul
I am an infectious diseases and microbiology doctor with an interest in neglected tropical diseases. I am passionate about improving our understanding and raising public awareness of these diseases which afflict some of the poorest communities throughout the tropics.
Rachel Greer

I am a GP and research physician based in Chiang Rai. I want to conduct research that will help to improve the health of the local community. I hope Pint of Science will be a way to share the research we are doing with the community.

Nidanuch Tasak
I am a research nurse based in Chiang Rai Clinical Research Unit (CCRU). I am interested in clinical trial research studies. I wish to bring research knowledge to develop my community.
Piangnet Jaiboon

I am a research nurse based in Chiang Rai Clinical Research Unit (CCRU). I interested in clinical trial research studies in tropical disease. I like to work with community.

Nipaphan Kanthawang
I am a research nurse from Bioethics and Engagement based in Chiang Rai Clinical Research Unit (CCRU). I am passionate about Music and food. I like science since I was young. I think science is all around us. I really like to talk with people in the communities. I want to be a part of science team in my community.
Areerat Thaiprakhong

I am a lab technician based in Chiang Rai Clinical Research Unit (CCRU). I am interested in Microbiology and drugs resistance. I am really excited that Pint of Science will be conduct in Chiang Rai.

Panumas Konlam
I am a lab technician based in Chiang Rai Clinical Research Unit (CCRU). I really enjoy music and sports. I am interested in research because it can create new knowledge. Research is also makes me know more about diseases and people in my community.